Spark custom parquet OutputCommiter

If you need to make your own implementation of OutputCommiter for spark parquet-output tasks, then first of all you need to make a class that extends from org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.OutputCommiter:

public class YourOutputCommiter extends OutputCommiter {

Further, regardless of implementation of the OutputCommiter, you need to register the full class name in the Hadoop (!) configuration of Spark like this:

javaSparkContext.hadoopConfiguration().set("spark.sql.parquet.output.committer.class", YourOutputCommiter.class.getCanonicalName());

Example for Scala:

session.sparkContext.hadoopConfiguration.set("spark.sql.parquet.output.committer.class", "your.package.YourOutputCommiter")

An example of the complete JavaSparkContext creation process:

private JavaSparkContext createJavaSparkContext() {
    SparkConf conf = new SparkConf()
            .set("your.other.spark.parameters", "your.other.spark.values");
    JavaSparkContext javaSparkContext = new JavaSparkContext(conf);
    javaSparkContext.hadoopConfiguration().set("spark.sql.parquet.output.committer.class", YourOutputCommiter.class.getCanonicalName());
    return javaSparkContext;
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