Resource changed on src filesystem

Full exception text:

2022-07-27 10:50:02,071 WARN [ContainerLocalizer Downloader] PriviledgedActionException as:my_user (auth:SIMPLE) Resource hdfs://tmp/app/0_my_user.keytab changed on src filesystem (expected 1658134737042, was 1658221301213

This can happen when some process overwrites application files in HDFS application directory while app is running. An example of the situation:

  1. You start app instance_1, which stores the distribution files in the hdfs://tmp/app folder.
  2. After a while you start the second instance_2 which stores the distribution files in the same HDFS directory (application work dir parameter in Spring Boot Yarn). Instance_1 is still working.
  3. When localizing resources, the specified error occurs.

To solve the problem, you need to use different paths to store the application files in HDFS.

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