Python build object from json and back

Suppose you need to have bilateral conversion from json to object and vice versa.

So, in this article you’ll find out how to:

  • convert json to object python
  • convert object to json python
  • build object from json python

Build object from json

import json
import YourObject from your_file

json_string = "<paste_json_string_here>"
json_object = json.loads(json_string)
u = YourObject(**json_object)

Convert object to json

import json
import YourObject from your_file

your_object = YourObject(
    "additionalProperty1": "123",
    "additionalProperty1": "example_2"

json_string = json.dumps(your_object, default=lambda o: o.__dict__)

If you need to rename some of the properties in the target json, you can make it this way:

json_string.replace("additional_property1", "additionalProperty1")

Here you go!

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