IgniteException: Work directory does not exist

Suppose that when starting the application, you encounter the following exception:

org.apache.ignite.IgniteException: Work directory does not exist and cannot be created: /tmp/ignite/work

It is assumed, that the /tmp/ignite/work directory is located on the local file system. If the application is running on a cluster, then Ignite will try to create such a folder on each node of the cluster.

Exception reasons:

  • The account under which the application is launched does not have access to /tmp;
  • The /tmp/ignite/work directory was created by this or another application, running under a different user.

If the /tmp/ignite/work folder was created by another user, then the options are as follows:

  • Log into the system as a different user and delete this folder (for a cluster, this must be done on each node);
  • Change working directory for Ignite. You can user IgniteConfiguration.setWorkDirectory() method.

If the secant account does not have access to /tmp, then:

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