Ho to create HBase table with the specified number of regions in HBase Shell

Suppose, that you need to create an HBase table with a certain preliminary created number of regions. You can use RegionSplitter tool to do this.

Running RegionSplitter from command line / shell

An example of a call from the command line / shell:

$HBASE_HOME/bin/hbase org.apache.hadoop.hbase.util.RegionSplitter -c 10 -f cf your_namespace:your_table HexStringSplit

The pattern is: 


SPLITALGORITHM is a java class name of a class implementing SplitAlgorithm, or one of the special strings HexStringSplit or UniformSplit, which are built-in split algorithms. HexStringSplit treats keys as hexadecimal ASCII, and UniformSplit treats keys as arbitrary bytes.

The main options are:

-c <region count>Create a new table with a pre-split number of regions
-D <property=value>Override HBase Configuration Settings
-f <family:family:…>Column Families to create with new table. Required with -c
-o <count>Max outstanding splits that have unfinished major compaction
-rPerform a rolling split of an existing region
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