Gmavenplus: Unrecognized target bytecode

When you try to compile Groovy with Java and use gmavenplus plugin for that purpose, you may face with this errors:

Unrecognized target bytecode.
Unrecognized target bytecode '8'.
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.codehaus.gmavenplus:gmavenplus-plugin:1.6:compileTests (default) on project test: Execution default of goal org.codehaus.gmavenplus:gmavenplus-plugin:1.6:compileTests failed: Unrecognized target bytecode. -> [Help 1]

To solve this problem, you need replace the ‘8’ to ‘1.8’ in your maven-compiler-plugin:


If you don’t have maven-compiler-plugin – add it to your project’s pom.xml, as above.

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